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Like all business communication, email delivery is more than just a handshake. The initial greeting should be accompanied by understanding your prospects or clients, adhering to the rules of doing business properly and ethically and communicating what you need when you need it. WhiteDelivery™ enables you to conduct effective email communication for both retention-based and new acquisition marketing campaigns.

Profile, Geographic & Behavioral. Create multiple targets that will filter based on any subscriber attribute.

Approval, Seeding & Delivery. Tools include a pre-approval system for creative, seeding for campaigns and delivery results monitoring for the largest ISPs.

WhiteDelivery leverages its relationships with major ISPs like AOL and Yahoo to whitelist clients in their networks. Bonding and whitelisting open up delivery to over 35,000 ISPs.

Data Collection & Best Practices:
Knowing how to collect data the right way saves time and money in
the long run.


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