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WhiteDelivery List Management leverages a complete suite of industry
leading tools and services to deliver successful campaigns for our partners.

Protect Your Core Business:
We understand that protecting your core business is essential. The list management team guides you in data collection methods to achieve excellent list hygiene far beyond CAN-SPAM.

Proprietary Technology:
WhiteDelivery’s email platform provides the necessary tools to successfully deliver emails. The technology saves on deployment costs associated with manual list management.

Continuous Analysis:
An in-house team of analysts constantly monitors results of campaigns & optimizes to improve performance and revenue.

Content Scoring:
Find out how your content is rated by popular spam filters. There are many steps involved in getting your message delivery. Although the first step, being whitelisted with ISP’s allows your message to make it to their delivery system, Content Scoring makes sure your message is not BULKED with other messages.

Top Payouts:
The service is integrated directly with advertisers and agencies on the Filinet ad network ensuring top payouts as a result of our high performance and lead quality.


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